Meet the Counselors

It’s important to find the “right fit” when you look for a counselor to work with.  To that end, we’ve provided a brief description of ourselves, hoping to capture our giftings so that you can better determine who you might work best with.  Lydia and Molly have fairly similar styles and approaches, but we do have a few differences when it comes to areas of specialization and personality types.  When you call us to talk further, we will explore this more thoroughly with you.  It’s our goal to set you up well right from the start!

Molly Davis, LPC, MAC

Molly Davis, LPC, MAC

Molly provides a warm and connective space for you to explore and process, sorting through the current difficulties together, and looking at deeper issues hidden under the surface with the purpose of gaining understanding and growth.  Molly is gifted at helping people heal from the painful wounds that so many of us carry into our adulthood, as well as sorting through difficult present-day experiences. Your counseling work will help you to identify and shift old destructive beliefs about self and others, assisting you in developing new ways of seeing self and the world—new ways that bring a new purpose and hope to your daily life.

With an existentialist-humanist bent and a love for depth psychology, working with Molly means that you will explore themes of meaning and purpose as well as steadily build a deepening inner stability as you connect more firmly with your true self.  As you gain a richer sense of who you are, organic changes often occur (such as healthier boundaries you are now able to set with others, a greater awareness about what you want in life, and practical hands-on actions you are now able to take towards your goals)!  Your new tools, often based on the latest neuroscience, will help you better cope with any challenges inherent in moving forward.  While talk therapy alone can often be helpful, Molly’s counseling specialties also include weaving in art, expressive-arts, and psychodrama for those who would benefit.

Molly also works with couples using elements of the Gottman method, Relational Life Therapy (Terry Real) and Stosny’s Empowered Love approach, all within a family systems framework.  Molly works to help partners regain a sense of teamwork and find shared goals as they work through a variety of common issues that often get in the way of mutual honor and love.

Lydia Davis, LPC, MAC

Lydia Davis, LPC, MAC,

Lydia has a warm and connective approach, able to respectfully move into deeper places of hurt and pain as a person is ready to do so.  Lydia is also known for working well with teenagers, her gentle come-alongside style perfect for the years when one is struggling to develop a sense of who one is.  Lydia also enjoys working with adults struggling with anxiety, depression, or other difficult issues, and utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in doing so, a unique therapeutic approach with a strong research base.  Lydia is also able to blend in art and expressive techniques when they are helpful for your needs.

Lydia has an existential-humanist philosophy with an action-oriented bent, so is known for helping you explore big underlying issues while also providing you with practical functional tools for (sometimes immediate!) improvements in coping with daily life.  As you work with Lydia, you will be able to identify your own personal values—the innate things that naturally motivate you to move forward—as well as to discover the hooks that often hold you back from taking the actions that would best serve your goals in life.  Using your new healthy tools and skills that are uniquely suited to you, you will learn how to actively build the life you want, one rich with purpose and meaning, even in the midst of hard times and challenges.

Lydia also does powerful work with couples, using the scientifically-backed Gottman Approach, Steven Stosney’s Empowered Love approach, and Relational Life Therapy techniques (Terry Real), helping couples deepen their friendship, commitment, love, and learn skills for engaging in conflict.  Lydia works with you to help you build up your relationship and rekindle your connection.