Wild Goose Counseling is owned and operated by two psychotherapists who believe that counseling is a sacred art.  Our counseling services are informed by these three tenets:

  1. People aren’t Broken,
  2. Change is Possible, and
  3. Love (unconditional) Changes Things

While there are immediate obstacles (large or small) that bring a person into counseling and issues that benefit from learning workable skills and practical tools, it is also true that many of our problems have roots.   When this is the case, Wild Goose Counseling believes in working with you to explore those hidden realms, identifying and then engaging with core-level beliefs or foundational issues that block you from a life of meaning.

We don’t just want to put a band-aid over your problems and send you out the door.  Working at your comfort level, we help you to to heal on a deeper level.  This process can produce fundamental and substantial changes, the kind of changes that go the distance.

The Wild Goose Approach: existential-humanist-depth psychology

Existential Psychology Grounded in Dignity: We believe that the big questions are important.  Who am I?  What am I here for?  Why do I keep doing what I’m doing?  What makes me who I am?  Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do?  Existential therapy is about the cry of the heart—questions of identity, regret, freedom, fear, responsibility, death, relationships, and trust.  The answers, as you discover them through the counseling process, are powerful and life altering.

You aren’t the mistakes you have made.  You aren’t the things that were done to you.  You aren’t your failures and regrets.  You aren’t your diagnosis.  You aren’t the boxes that others have put you in.  You are so much more than all of these things.

Humanistic Psychology Grounded in Science: We believe that inside each human, much like the unassuming acorn seed, there is a sparkling life that naturally wants to grow, to become, to be itself.  A seed can’t help it!  And a seed, when given the right conditions, moves toward life—its unique expression of life—no matter the obstacles.  The human is much the same, wanting to develop, to flourish, to mature.  Our evidence-based work is posited on this premise as well – that the brain wants to move towards health and will do so, if given the opportunity.

Healthy love for self and others is a powerful thing.  Stable relationships require a good relationship with one’s own self.  From a foundation of self-worth can blossom an awareness of boundaries and of interpersonal rights and responsibilities.  In learning to nurture yourself and others, you move from co-dependence to inter-dependence, enjoying more satisfying relationships.

We believe people are good and no one is broken.  We believe a rich, full, and meaningful life is possible for everyone.  Humanistic psychology is person-centered and holistic, which means it takes into account all the things that are important to you.  A formulaic cookie-cutter approach does not fit every client.  Instead, we seek to get to know you and to understand what life looks like from your eyes, tailoring an approach to meet your needs, values, and dreams.

Depth Psychology Grounded in Being: We believe the human psyche is like an iceberg, meaning that much goes on under the surface that is unseen.  When appropriate and desired by both client and counselor, we engage in depth psychology, an approach that tends to the inner self.  We seek to engage what some might call the subconscious and the unconscious, the driving forces that are hidden and unknown.  The goal is integration, gently uncovering, exploring, and restoring on a core level.  Depth psychology is the care of the soul, the heart of it all.